HydraJet as the main goal sets itself full satisfaction of our customers, which is guaranteed by a team of technically qualified professionals. We strive to maintain the leading position in providing the highest level of service and customer confidence in the quality and timing of each job. Our domain is:


We carry out our activities by providing services in the field of specialistic cleaning and renovation services for heavy industry plants. These are, to a significant extent, work for the refining and petrochemical, chemical and energy industries in the country, as well as in the European Union.

Our customers are:

  • Refineries and Petrochemical Plants,
  • Chemical Plants,
  • Cellulose Plants and Paper Industries,
  • Nitrogen Plants,
  • Power Plants for heat and electricity production,
  • and many more.

We would like to invite to familiarize with our industrial services offer,

Our staff consists of  many employees with nearly 30 years of experience in the specialist cleaning and renovation for heavy industry. Our staff includes highly qualified and experienced engineers who, before starting cooperation with us, have documented the basis of their qualifications by completing technical studies related to the energy sector, environmental engineering and Occupational Health and Safety in the industry sector.

We specialize in the performance of works in the field of equipment servicing for industry, which include, among others:

  1. High-pressure (up to 3000 bar) hydrodynamic cleaning of industrial installations from the heaviest process sludge (after petroleum, petroleum, after processing of crude oil, coked hydrocarbons, Ca and Mg salts, acids, etc.), eg:
  • Closed tanks of considerable capacity (up to 125,000 m3),
  • Chemical apparatus,
  • Heat exchangers and coolers,
  • Pipelines,
  • Open tanks,
  • Industrial sewage systems,

2. Maintenance of power engineering devices,

3. Extraction of waste from chemical apparatus and then loading of vehicles for this purpose and transport for disposal by entities having appropriate approvals,

4. Low pressure cleaning pipelines and internal surfaces of coils of a significant length by the cleaning head – pigging,

5. Hydrodynamic cleaning using the J&W Cleaning method,

6. Cleaning of sewage, rainwater and water supply systems,

7. Sewerage services,

8. Exchange of beds in reactors and adsorbers,

9. Replacement of the filter bed in water treatment plants,

9. Replacement of catalyst beds,

10. Industrial vacuum cleaning.

At the request of potential contractors, we present a detailed reference list of works performed by us.

We have our own specialized equipment necessary to perform the above-mentioned works. These include, among others:

  1. High-pressure (up to 300MPa) hydromonitors,
  2. Specialistic water blasting guns and nozzles,
  3. High-pressure hoses,
  4. Specialistic machine for pigging technology cleaning,
  5. Tank cleaning 3D heads,
  6. Heat exchangers cleaning devices using J&W Cleaning,
  7. Vacuum tank loaders for sludge extraction and transportation,
  8. Flex hoses of small diameters with cleaning nozzles for removing sludge in difficult-to-reach places,
  9. Pressure units for removing impurities up to diameter of 1 micron(μm),
  10. WUKO special vehicles for cleaning sewage systems,
  11. Aparratus for fresh air supply,
  12. Fork lifts,
  13. LKW trucks,
  14. Generators,
  15. Other necessary machines, devices and equipment allowing for comprehensive, safe and quick execution of contracts.

At the request of potential contractors, we present a detailed list of the implementation potential that we have.

 Specialistic Services Company 

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We invite you to familiarize yourself with our offer of high-pressure cleaning. We offer a range of cleaning services for industrial equipment (ie tanks, apparatuses, exchangers, pipelines) using the high pressure method (water jetting / hydroblasting).