We find the customers of our services primarily in the heavy industry sector. Our contractors are the largest fuel concerns, large energy groups (power plants, heat plants as well as industrial and professional power plants), cellulose and paper plants as well as processing plants.

We specialize in the performance of works in the field of equipment service for industry in the area, which include, among others:

1. High-pressure (up to 3000 bar) water jetting of industrial installations, which cleans from the heaviest process sludge (after crude oil, petroleum, after processing of crude oil, coked hydrocarbons, Ca and Mg salts, acids, etc.), eg:

  • Closed tanks of considerable capacity (up to 125 000 m3),
  • Chemical apparatus’
  • Heat exchangers and coolers,
  • Pipelines,
  • Reservoir and other open containers,
  • Industrial sewage systems,
  • etc.

2. Power engineering devices conservation,

3. Extraction of waste from (chemical apparatus, tanks, etc.) and then loading on vehicles for this purpose and transport for disposal by entities having appropriate approvals,

4. Cleaning pipelines and internal surfaces of coils of considerable length by means of pigging heads,

5.Hydrodynamic J&W cleaning, by using specialistic cleaner,

6. Cleaning of sewage systems, rainwater drainage and water supply systems,

7. Sludge and waste removal and transportation services,

8. Exchange of filtration beds in water treatment plants,

9. Exchange of reactor’s, catalyst’s and adsorber’s beds,

10. Industrial vacuum cleaning.

We remove
heaviest sludge

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